Spoken Word Church
Thursday, September 28, 2023


Here is a list of 70 Old Testament prophecies listed by key phrases, where they are found in the Old Testament, and where they are fulfilled in the New Testament by Jesus Christ.

Old TestamentProphecy – Key PhraseNew Testament Fulfillment

Deut. 18.15

A prophet like Moses

Acts 3:20-22

Jer. 31:31-34

New covenant with Israel & Judah

Luke 22:20

Isa. 7:14

Virgin will be with child

Matt. 1:18-20

Mic. 5:2

Born in Bethlehem

Matt. 2:1

Zec. 9:9

King comes riding on a donkey

Mark 11:1-10

Isa. 53

Messiah would suffer for our sins

Acts 3:13-16

Isa. 53

Messiah rejected & sacrificed

Acts 13:26-33

Isa. 53

Messiah would rise from the dead

Acts 17:1-4

Isa. 53:3

Despised and rejected

John 8:48-52

Isa. 53:3

One from whom we turn our faces

Mark 14:27,50

Isa. 53:4a

He took up our infirmities

Matt. 8:16,17

Isa. 53:4b

We considered him stricken by God

Mark 14:27,50

Isa. 53:5

Pierced for our transgressions

1 Pet. 3:18

Isa. 53:5

By his wounds we are healed

1 Pet. 2:21-24

Isa. 53:6a

All we like sheep have gone astray

1 Pet. 2:25

Isa. 53:6b

The iniquities of us all laid on him

Rom. 5:6-8

Isa. 53:7

He did not open his mouth

Mark 15:2-5

Isa. 53:7,8

Like a lamb to the slaughter

Acts 8:30-35

Isa. 50:6

My back to those who beat me…spitting

Mark 14:65

Isa. 53:8,9

Grave with wicked, with rich in death

Matt. 27:31-60

Isa. 53:12b

Numbered with the transgressors

Mark 15:27,28

Isa. 53:12c

He bore the sin of many

Heb. 9:28

Isa. 53:12c

Made intercession for transgressors

Luke 23:34

Zec. 11:12

They paid 30 pieces of silver

Matt. 26:15

Ps. 22:1,2

My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?

Matt. 27: 46

Ps. 22:6-8

Hurled insults at him

Matt. 27:39-44

Ps. 22:16

Pierced my hands and feet

John 19:18; 20:25

Ps. 34:20

No one [bone] is broken

John 19:33,36

Ps. 69:21

Vinegar for my thirst


Ps. 22:18

Cast lots for his clothes


Ps. 118:22

The stone the builders rejected

Matt. 21:42

Ps. 2:1-2

The nations plot against the Lord

Acts 4:25-28

Ps. 69:8

A stranger to my brothers

John 1:11; 7:3,5

Isa. 53:8,9

Though he had done no violence

Acts 13:27-29

Isa. 53:9c

No deceipt in his mouth

Heb. 4:15

Isa. 53:11

Righteous servant shall justify many

Rom. 3:19-31

Isa. 53:11

Righteous servant shall justify many

Acts 13:38-41

Isa. 53:12a

He will divide the spoils

Luke 22:28-30

Isa. 53:12

He will be exalted

Phil. 2:5-11

Gen. 3:15

Seed of the woman

Gal. 4:4

Gen. 22:18

Through Abraham

Heb. 2:16

Gen. 21:12

Through Isaac

Matt. 1:2

Gen. 28:14

Through Jacob

Matt. 1:2

2 Sam. 7:12-13

Through David

Rom. 1:3

Gen. 49:10

Sceptre will not depart from Judah

Heb. 7:14

Ps. 72:10

Kings shall bring gifts

Matt. 2:1,2,11

Hos. 11:1

Out of Egypt I called my Son

Matt. 2:13-15

Jer. 31:15

Rachel weeping for her children

Matt. 2:16-18

Ex. 12:46

No bones will be broken

John 19:33,36

Mal. 3:1

The Lord shall come to his temple

Matt. 21:12

Mal. 3:1

My messenger shall prepare the way

Luke 1:17

Isa. 35:5,6

Eyes of the blind open…deaf hear…lame walk

Matt. 11:4-6

Isa. 40:3-5

Voice of him who cries in the wilderness

Luke 3:2-6

Isa. 11:2

The Spirit of the Lord will rest upon him

John 3:34

Isa. 61:1,2a

He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted

Luke 4:18-19

Isa. 9:1-2

In Galilee…the people walking in darkness

Matt. 4:12,16,23

Ps. 78:2-4

Spoke in parables

Matt. 13:34-35

Ps. 69:9

Zeal for your house consumes me

John 2:13-17

Ps. 8:2

Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings

Matt. 21:15-16

Ps. 41:9

My friend…has lifted his heel against me

John 13:18-21

Isa. 53:1

Who has believed our message

John 12:37-43

Isa. 53:2

Nothing that we should desire him

Mark 6:1-3

Zec. 13:7

Strike the shepherd & sheep will scatter

Matt. 26:56

Zec. 11:13

Throw (the 30 pieces of silver) to the potter

Matt. 27:3,7

Zec. 12:10

Look on him whom they have pierced

John 19:34,37

Dan. 9:26

Messiah to die before Temple destroyed

Mark 15:37

Ps. 16:10

Not abandon to the grave

Luke 24:6,31,34

Ps. 68:18

You ascended on high

Luke 24:51

Ps. 110:1

The Lord said to my Lord, sit at my right hand

Heb. 1:3

Isa. 42:1-6

Light to the Gentiles

Luke 2:32